isabelle schmeler.jpeg
Isabelle Schmeler
General Manager
bella courchesne headshot.JPG
Bella Courchesne
Co-Station Manager
sam belsky headshot.jpeg
Sam Belsky
Co-Station Manager
elise sullivan.jpeg
Elise Sullivan
Director of Productions
madeline taylor headshot.JPG
Madeline Taylor
Creative Director
claire leibowitz.jpeg
Claire Leibowitz
GWeek EP and Director of Membership and Recruitment
jack castanoli headshot.jpeg
Jack Castanoli
Capital Crossfire EP and Director of Public Relations
aleena fayaz headshot.JPG
Aleena Fayaz
GWeek EP and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
katie coolidge headshot.JPG
Katie Coolidge
Director of Finance
jessica nix headshot.JPG
Jessica Nix
Director of Operations
sean lee headshot_edited.jpg
Sean Lee
Director of Programming
will roberts_edited.jpg
Will Roberts
District Debrief EP
kyle anderson headshot.jpg
Kyle Anderson
Capital Crossfire EP
sophia caione headshot_edited.jpg
Sophia Caione
Unstoppable EP